About Super-Besse

A modern, high-altitude sports paradise for summer and winter!

Welcome in Super-Besse

Located just 9 km from the centre of Besse, Super-Besse was developed in the 1960s and 1970s into a modern winter sports resort with dozens of ski lifts and more than 40 km of ski slopes.

During the summer months, you can also go hiking, mountain climbing and – the biggest attraction! – the Tyrolienne: a fantastic 1,600-metre-long zipline that provides a dizzying flight, with an altitude difference of 240 metres.

Super-Besse first saw the light of day in December 1961, after a group of locals set up an SEM (a limited company), which grouped and started managing all lifts in the region. In Super-Besse, these were three ski lifts and a two-seater gondola, which started at 1350 m altitude and reached as its highest peak, the Puy de Perdrix (1850 m).

During the 1970s and 1980s, the resort continued to expand with ski lifts, accommodation, shops, bars and restaurants and became popular, especially with French winter sports enthusiasts, mainly thanks to its high snow security.

Incidentally, this did not go unnoticed by foreign winter sports enthusiasts! British ski enthusiasts in particular were increasingly finding Super-Besse to be a great alternative to the traditional ski resorts in the Alps. And it was closer too! Belgians and Dutch also started to see Super-Besse more and more as a fine alternative to the Alpine countries.

This snow security is also enhanced by the use of artificial snow. This was experimented with on a trial basis in 1992, thanks in part to the nearby lake. In 2008, the existing Perdrix gondola lift was replaced by a more modern gondola lift, and more traditionally-built residences emerged alongside the large apartment buildings, mainly for rental purposes. Now Super-Besse has a full winter season from late December to early April and boasts 40 km of slopes, spread over 26 runs.

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Also in summer

In Super-Besse, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round, so not just in the winter season, but also in spring, summer and autumn! Super-Besse has many outdoor and indoor activities, such as:

  • Mountain biking
  • Pedal boats
  • Summer tobogganing
  • Rock climbing and tree trail
  • Indoor adventure park (for children)

Spectacular is the Tyrolienne “Fantasticable”, a giant 1600-metre-long zipline, which provides a dizzying flight with an altitude difference of 240 metres.
This extraordinary descent, which can be done solo or in duo, can be booked in all seasons!

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